Paneling and Wall Products

What's going to separate your movie night from the rock music coming from the bedroom next to you? Your wall components and/or paneling are not only important when building, but when living also. Your walls are going to take a lot of wear and tear over the years and you're going to need the most durable materials you can get. MBM stocks all of the best paneling, as well as sound proofing materials.

Don't forget about the sheetrock...

A wall is just a divider, but there are many components that go into building a wall, like sheetrock. Your sheetrock is going to lay the surface for painting and other finishes. Our sheetrock is made of gypsum, a natural mineral that is safe in the home. Also, we have all the accessories for putting together sheetrock and completing that wall. You will need tape, mud, and many more accessories to complete the job, we have it all here at MBM.