Insulation & Ceiling Products

Walls alone aren't enough to protect you from the the harsh winter cold - you need insulation to keep you warm. From Owens Corning and Guardian, we have all the insulation you'll need to make sure you have the coziest house on the block.

We also carry ceiling tiles and supplies. Your ceiling is as important as your walls or even your floor. As heat rises, it's importat to have a ceiling that will keep your cool or warm air where it belongs, inside.

Perma "R" Products

Perma "R" Products manufactures a variety of products for the building industry. Their primary product lines utilize expanded polystyrene (EPS) technology. EPS, developed in 1951, provides efficient and economical thermal insulation for industrial, commercial and residential buildings throughout the world. In addition to their EPS product lines, Perma "R" Products offers a complete line of moisture resistant air infiltration barriers, commonly referred to as "house wraps".

When it comes to building envelopes, Perma "R" Products offers a multitude of products designed for optimum performance. They are committed to providing quality building products at competitive prices with service second to none.