Masonry and Foundation

MBM's masonry section will give you the tools to get your project done on time. We carry tools and supplies for a range of applications, such as : Laying a stone path, constructing a brick or stone surface, and home bricklaying. We also carry America's favorite do-it-yourself concrete mix, Quikcrete.

We have trowels, mesh, rebar, and concrete sealers, everything you need to get started with your concrete project.

If you plan to build that new home soon, your going to need to pour a concrete foundation for your house to sit on. The foundation of a house is incredibly important. As the house rests, the ground starts to shift, and this can cause your house to distort it's shape slightly. Doors will begin to stick, and windows won't open. Don't let this happen to you. Come to Martin Building Materials for all your masonry and foundation needs.

Once your satisfied with your home, invite your guests over to visit, have them walk up your new concrete steps to the home you've worked so hard for. At MBM, we stock a large selection of preform concrete steps. Call or come by for more information about our great selection of steps for any home.