About Our Company

Martin Building Materials, also known as MBM, began selling lumber and building materials to contractors and do-it-yourselfers in central Louisiana almost fifty years ago. Initially located on Lee Street in Alexandria, the store moved to its present location, 1170 Expressway Drive in Pineville, in February 1976.

Martin Building Materials is owned by Lumber Investors, LLC, a company founded in 1986. In addition to the retail lumber and building material dealership in Pineville, Lumber Investors, LLC maintains the following operations:

Howard Lumber and Supply - a retail lumber and building material dealership located at 301 Sibley Road in Minden, Louisiana.
Martin Distributors-Alexandria - a wholesale distributor of lumber and building materials located at 3401 Eddie Williams Ave. in Alexandria, Louisiana.
Martin Distributors-Lafayette - a wholesale distributor of lumber and building materials located at 2824 Cameron Street in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Vendor Alliances

As part of our continuing commitment to excellent quality, we maintain alliances with suppliers who are recognized as national or regional leaders in their respective fields. These alliances include being a member of several national buying groups, which allows us to offer products to our customers at very competitive prices.

Delivery Capability

With our fleet of eleven trucks, which include pick-ups to tractor-trailer rigs, we can ship your order, no matter how small or how large, to your job site when you need it. Since our main supplier of lumber and building materials, Martin Distributors-Alexandria, is part of our company and is only a few miles from us, we have quick access to most of the materials you will need to complete your project.

Target Customers

Although most of our customers are contractors and do-it-yourselfers that live and work in central Louisiana, with our ability to deliver large quantities of materials, we can service customers with job sites throughout the state of Louisiana.